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This is What the Best Paying Sales Employers Look Like

You’re on the hunt for a new job, but you’re not just looking for your next sales job. You want a job that will lead to a fulfilling career. And to find that, you need to look at more than the job description -- you need to start by finding the right employer to work for.

But there are a lot of options. Should you work for a small company or a large one? A well-established company or a new one that’s rapidly expanding?

While... Read More

Marketing and Advertising News

4 Strategies for Landing a Digital Agency Job

When you enter the technology market, you’re not thinking about titles — at least you shouldn’t be. The first stage of shifting your career revolves around gaining experience, exploring roles, and taking advantage of opportunities. more

The Evolution of Marketing Jobs

An interesting column at Skyword suggests many of the skills needed for the marketing jobs of 2016 might be obsolete within the next decade -- if not sooner. The article cites 12 job titles in particular, almost all of which are "digital" marketing. The reasoning? Digital marketing will be inherent to any marketing job, given the direction of the marketplace. more

Experiential Marketing Offers New Career Opportunities

Few PR stunts are as cringe-worthy as train-wreck attempts at IRL activations that miss the mark; and yet, few marketing campaigns generate as much buzz and brand recognition as a beautifully executed, compelling experiential play. Suffice it to say that a job creating such stunts is a far cry from pushing paper in a cubicle. more

Designing The Right Logo Is A Key Part Of Your Marketing

Think of the biggest brands in the world, and one of, if not the first thing that springs to mind is a logo. Your business's logo leaves an immediate and lasting impression. Bear this in mind when embarking on designing a logo -- but don't let the process stress you out. There are steps to follow to help you manage the challenges and craft the perfect logo for your business. READ MORE AT MASHABLE more

Must-Have Digital Marketing Skills

Today's digital marketing experts must have a diverse skill set, including a sophisticated grasp of available media channels, the ability to identify up-and-coming opportunities, on top of having the basic skills of a brilliant marketer. What's more, they have to possess a balance of critical and creative thinking skills in order to drive measurable success for their company. Members of Young... more

Learning Useful Digital Skills For A Low Cost

We live in a digital world. Just look at where you’re reading this article right now — without that phone, tablet, or laptop in front of you, this content would never reach you. Now, I’ll be honest and say that I’m old-fashioned, which is why I prefer using Post-its instead of Apple Calendars, holding a physical book rather than reading with a Kindle, or talking in person rather than through... more

Career Advice

When It's Not You: How to Handle...

Mental health is a sensitive topic that impacts millions of Americans every day. Its impact...

How to Land Your Dream Job and Not...

The job market today is clearly much more mobile than in the past. That said, companies...

Resume Nightmares: The worst things...

Autumn brings with it ghastly images, meant to frighten, and we welcome it gleefully. But...

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10 Best Jobs of 2016

Math leads the way for the best jobs of the year.

10 Worst Jobs of 2016

Stress, declining opportunities and low wages are a few reasons why the worst jobs of 2015 are challenging, each in their own way. 

All 200 Rated Jobs of 2016

See where your job ranks in our annual breakdown of 200 careers, spanning a variety of industries. 

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Teva Pharmaceuticals
West Chester, PA

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Teva Pharmaceuticals
West Chester, PA

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AGN Media / Amarillo Globe-News
Amarillo, TX

Sales Manager

3BL Media
Northampton, MA

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