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Healthcare Innovation
By: Jeff Heenan-Jalil
healthcare is actually poised to become one of the most innovative fields because of its considerable capacity for growth and change, and young job seekers looking to make an impact in a transforming field need look no further.
Content Marketing In 2014 And Beyond
Revolution. That’s the term Brian Alvey, the man who built the software underlying three generations of digital publishers, uses to describe a buzz that has reached a crescendo over the last 12 months: Advertisers don’t want to just make ads that run alongside other people’s content anymore; a surging number of them want to be publishers themselves. "The revolution occurred," Alvey says, "[because] the audience is now in charge." Brands have been publishers for almost as long as publishers have been publishers. (Tractor maker John Deere has been publishing a corporate magazine called The Furrow since 1895.) But it wasn't ...
Customers Are Reliable Experts For Gauging Marketing Strategy
Search for the term "marketing" on Google and you'll get more than 1.8 billion results. That's equivalent to everyone in the United States writing five articles on marketing! It's insane to think there are that many great ideas on the topic of marketing when I just finished watching millions of dollars get wasted on 30-second ad spots during the Super Bowl. Who are these "experts" writing and talking about marketing, and to whom should you listen? The real answer is that they are no different than you — they just have more free time. And quite frankly, you should only ...
Experiential Marketing Offers New Career Opportunities
Few PR stunts are as cringe-worthy as train-wreck attempts at IRL activations that miss the mark; and yet, few marketing campaigns generate as much buzz and brand recognition as a beautifully executed, compelling experiential play. Suffice it to say that a job creating such stunts is a far cry from pushing paper in a cubicle. For marketing professionals, learning how to bring a brand's name into the heads of consumers — and into the headlines -– can be a way to flex creative muscles in an innovative, fast-paced work environment. Below is a brief explainer on the state of experiential ...
PR Technology Offers New Avenue for Marketing
As automated software solutions have taken off for everything from email marketing to digital advertising to customer relationship management, the business of marketing has shifted from mostly "guesswork" to a data operation in the cloud. If Adobe's acquisition path and Oracle’s recent, significant enhancements to their marketing cloud operations are any indication, the automated marketing business is booming, driven by the rapidly growing digital environment. Digital advertising —with its ability to serve up numbers and charts and graphs that showcase the customer acquisition process down to a decimal point — is increasingly where the money flows in terms of marketing ...
Reach Customers With Email Without Flooding Inboxes
We all know that the "send more emails, make more money" strategy can provide an initial pop of short-term sales but tends to annoy some subscribers, causing them to leave your list in the long run. There are many tactics for balancing frequency and subscriber engagement, but what can you do when your sending rate satisfies most but not all of your subscribers? Those subscribers who feel a bit annoyed by your email cadence may not be the most active, but that doesn't mean they are uninterested. Don't forget they could potentially submit an order in the future. Unlike more ...
The Evolution of Marketing Jobs
An interesting column at Skyword suggests many of the skills needed for the marketing jobs of 2016 might be obsolete within the next decade -- if not sooner. The article cites 12 job titles in particular, almost all of which are "digital" marketing. The reasoning? Digital marketing will be inherent to any marketing job, given the direction of the marketplace. Traditional methods of marketing have given way to online means for more than decade, and really exploded with the proliferation of smartphones and tablets. Consumers have around-the-clock access to media, and thus around-the-clock connectivity with platforms for marketing. While the ...
Top Cities for Marketing Professionals
New York is the global epicenter of marketing and advertising. A TIME Magazine column in May 1962 sets the scene of Madison Avenue as the proverbial Madison Square Garden of advertising, which was dramatized many years later on the popular TV show Mad Men . In 2013, New York remains the marketing capital with both the highest percentage of employed marketers in the nation, and the most competitive average salaries nationally, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The employment of marketers is one of the highest concentrations of those working in the field anywhere in the country. BLS ...
Tips For A Successful Content Marketing Plan
When mapping out a content marketing strategy, seven tips can turn a blueprint into results. 1. Tailor to your personas A persona is a fictional representation of your ideal client. You can create different personas by bucketing ideal clients based on common characteristics, needs or problems. Developing your personas is not only a fundamental piece of your marketing strategy, but also of every function within your organization. They are key because you can tailor your content strategy, conversion offers, social posts, etc. around each persona's specific goals, needs and point of pain. CONTINUE READING AT MASHABLE
Spring Cleaning For E-Commerce Practices
Spring is here, and to help you find a warmer state of mind, let's tackle the best ways to spring clean our ecommerce programs. These tasks may seem tedious and mundane, but I guarantee you will uncover a few surprises along the way. Just as you sometimes come across a forgotten $20 bill while unpacking a pair of shorts, you never know what rewards you'll uncover while spring cleaning. So, let's roll up our sleeves and get started: 1. Open multiple browsers A primary goal of spring cleaning your ecommerce program should always be an audit of your site, but ...