Building And Maintaining Social Media Influence

Building And Maintaining Social Media Influence

Establishing influence via social media is crucial for any organization's marketing strategy. Just as vital is maintaining influence after it's been established.

Industry leaders worked with Mashable to discuss the ins and out of social media influence, and a few of the keywords were oft-repeated: honesty, consistency and fearlessness.

The ability and willingness to adapt to the consumer are just as important. That seem counter-intuitive -- you're the one seeking influence with consumers, not vice-versa, right?

But knowing what consumers are seeking, and how they're seeking it, is critical. A marketer cannot reach her or his potential audience without these insights.

Deloitte recently published a detailed report on digital influence specific to the retail industry, which includes examination of adaptation to consumer behavior.

This concept taps into one of the most basic tenets of business: The customer is always right.