The Evolution of Marketing Jobs

The Evolution of Marketing Jobs

An interesting column at Skyword suggests many of the skills needed for the marketing jobs of 2016 might be obsolete within the next decade -- if not sooner.

The article cites 12 job titles in particular, almost all of which are "digital" marketing. The reasoning? Digital marketing will be inherent to any marketing job, given the direction of the marketplace.

Traditional methods of marketing have given way to online means for more than decade, and really exploded with the proliferation of smartphones and tablets. Consumers have around-the-clock access to media, and thus around-the-clock connectivity with platforms for marketing.

While the evolving marketplace dictates certain jobs and skill sets will no longer be in demand, the good news is that new careers tied to the new-look landscape will emerge. Skyword offers some interesting suggestion, including a data scientist marketing career, further underscoring the significance of the 2016 Jobs Rated report's top-ranked field.

Even if you are not currently on the market for a new marketing job, studying open positions and the skills employers are asking for can keep you sharp for when the time for change comes. Browse the CareerCast Marketing Network's job listings for some insight on what skills are in demand, and what might be next based on employer demands.