PR Tactics Can Get You Noticed At Work

PR Tactics Can Get You Noticed At Work

I have a friend who's terrific at being his own public relations agent. Whether he's celebrating his latest promotion or cooking dinner for friends, he has a knack for showcasing what he's good at without sounding self-centered. What's his secret?

Shameless self-promotion is about knowing what you want and then being your own best advocate. For many people, self-promotion falls outside their comfort zone. But there are ways to boost your career and visibility without coming across as conceited.

Try these tips to act as your own PR agent:

Volunteer for new assignments, projects or responsibilities. When Autumn Bayles was two years into her job as chief information officer at Tasty Baking Company, a supply-chain executive quit. Bayles volunteered to take on the supply-chain responsibilities.

The company executives divided up the former executive's duties, giving her a portion. She jumped right in and gave it everything she had. So they gave her more and more responsibilities, until finally they gave her the entire job. To get noticed, volunteer.